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Ways To Say, "I'm Sorry!"
  • It's pretty inevitable that, at some point, you and your sweetie will go toe-to-toe on an issue. Unfortunately, when you find yourself in the wrong, it isn't always easy to admit it. This doesn't mean, however, that it has to stay that way. If you've found your way into the "dog house," try using a few of the ideas below to make your way out. Even if you are not the one in the wrong, it's good to remember that a sincere gesture can go a long way.
  • Take an old sheet and write "I'm Sorry!" across it using a large tipped felt pen or marker. Hang it up somewhere your partner will see it, like the shower, garage door or a wall.
  • Write a note explaining your feelings. Break any tension by putting the note inside of a humorous "I'm Sorry" card.
  • Write out "I'm Sorry" using little Hershey's Kisses or rose petals.
  • Write "I'm Sorry" on quite a few sticky notes and leave them all over the room, or on your partner's car.
  • Hire a singing telegram person to sing an "I'm Sorry" message to your partner.
  • Order flowers and include an "I'm Sorry" note.
  • Give your partner a big hug and kiss, and tell them you are sorry!
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