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Valentine's Day: What Does She Mean
  • Well, stuck for ideas on what to suggest for Valentineís Day, I wanted to generalize and talk about what women think about Valentineís Day and some tips on how to have fun.
  • She saysÖ
  • "Valentineís Day is stupid, I donít care" - translation; itís a stupid holiday, but part of me would appreciate it even if I donít want to admit it
  • "Donít buy me anything" - translation; I donít want to suggest something, so be creative and try to figure out what is "me". In some cases, it means she wants to go out as the present.
  • "I donít want to do anything" - translation; sheís had bad Valentineís Days in the past. Youíve got to prove something by doing it, and doing it well.
  • So, yes I know these are generalizations. But women say a lot of crap that they donít mean. Sometimes itís just pressure to not be ga-ga over this commercialized day. Sometimes women donít know the status of the relationship to get excited or not. Sometimes women are just unsure period. And then there are those that LOVE Valentineís Day.
  • No matter what kind of relationship you have and how she feels about Valentineís, there is indeed pressure. Lots of it.
  • My key advice:
    1. Be creative. Donít get hung up on standard gifts like roses - do something different on purpose, and make it clear. If she is a rose fan, you have to have them. Otherwise, get an outrageously beautiful bouquet of other flowers.
    2. Go out. Unless youíre making dinner, a reservation is a good thing. Dress up and look good, of course. Most of the time this is all they need. A nice dinner and maybe a flower or two. Not so big on presents.
    3. Think of "things" outside the box when it comes to gifts. What about the spa? Or a trip away? Or something equally personal - stuff you do together.
    4. Enjoy it. Itís about you as a couple, not the day. Itís just one extra day to celebrate, but itís nothing to go crazy for.
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