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Top Ten Romantic Vows for the New Year
  • The most important aspect of our lives are the relationships we have, how we connect with other people, the impact we have on them, what we give and take in return. Of all the relationships we have, the one with our partner is the most significant and deserves special effort and care. This year, make a New Year's vow to focus on your relationship. Make love and romance your priority and the other areas in your life are sure to be the better for it.
  1. Spend More Quality Time Together
    • Cook dinner together, play games, cuddle, or do anything that will allow you to talk and have fun together. Dedicate time, an hour here and there, an evening, even a weekend just to be together.
  2. Tackle A Relationship Issue
    • Take time to address the challenges you face in your relationship and get closer as a couple as you work through them. The issues might be anything, such as parenting techniques, quality time, household chores, or financial management. Take a class, go to counseling or read a book on the subject. Make time to talk with each other about it and journal your feelings, challenges, progress, epiphanies, and thoughts.
  3. Plan A Romantic Getaway
    • It could be a weekend together in the country, a tropical paradise vacation, a camping trip, or whatever you've been dreaming of. Take care of whatever has stopped you from getting away in the past. For many, it is the financial commitment. Make a goal for yourselves and be consistent in saving money until you have enough to pay for your trip. It may seem like you won't ever be able to afford it now, but that is not so. Be faithful with your contributions and you will be surprised with the result! One idea that will work for any budget is to start filling a jar with your spare change. Make some little sacrifices (like turning your daily cup of coffee into a weekly treat for yourself. Budget in a monthly or weekly amount of money to add to the jar. The more you see the jar filling, the more encouraged you'll be to continue. You will be amazed at how quickly you reach your goal and fund your romantic vacation without going into debt!
  4. Romance Your Lover
    • Everyone wants to be romanced. It means that you are adored and cherished. Take your love on dates, dance with them, serve them breakfast in bed, and give them gifts. Surprise them with flowers, a picnic, or a bubble bath for two. You can also make candlelit dinners and take walks together. Ask them about their lives, their hopes for the future, and tell them how much you love them. Take their likes and dislikes into account when planning things. Do the little things that matter so much to your lover: hold their hand, compliment them, bring them flowers, send them little messages in the form of love notes and surprise them with romantic gestures. Pay attention to how they show you love and return it in the same way. Don't expect that your lover knows how you feel. Let them know every day in every way.
  5. Keep A Couples' Journal
    • Commemorate your love in a book you will cherish forever. If you are one that keeps saving photos and mementos, but never seems do the project, commit to certain dates this year. Invite a friend to join you or organize regular scrapbooking parties with a group of people. Love journals can also be a collection of writings about you and your lover's relationship. Take turns writing in it and occasionally look back at all the good times you had together.
  6. Volunteer Together
    • Make a difference in your community as a couple. The rewards are much greater than the effort, and you are sure to get closer to your lover in the process. Talk to your partner about what kind of things you are interested in doing. There are volunteer opportunities doing almost any kind of service with kids, adults, the elderly, animals, or environmental work. If you don't already have an organization in mind, try getting in touch with your local volunteer community through your local city hall. There are also many national and worldwide organizations that you can be a part of locally. Volunteering brings the best out in people, so prepare to fall in love with your partner all over again.
  7. Try New Things
    • This is a great way to add excitement and variety into your relationship. Try a new restaurant, take a cooking class, hike up a trail you've never been on, make cocktails you've never tried, etc. Make every Wednesday a day to try something new, or pick a weekend out of each month. Put it on your calendar and stick to it no matter what!
      Committing to any resolution together is romantic, while following through and supporting each other can bring you closer as a couple. Help each other create action plans and be each other's accountability partner, while also making it fun. Compete with each other, reward each other, tell each other what a great job they are doing on a regular basis and you will surely make this a year to remember!
  8. Light The Bedroom Fires
    • Do what you can to make opportunities for sex by helping to free up your partner's time and reduce their stress. Take the time to arrange a sensual ambiance (no TV, good smells, candlelight, music, wine, etc.). Indulge your lover's fantasies, invest in better sex aids, and most importantly, listen to your partner. Instigate spontaneous quickies utilizing every possible space (car, kitchen, shower, back yard, hotel room, etc.) to add variety and excitement. Remember that most women require you to romance their hearts and minds to arouse them sexually.
  9. Turn Your Bedroom Into A Love Nest
    • Take your time, setting small goals along the way. Reduce the clutter, invest in sexy bedding, and decorate with colors, textures, and shapes that evoke passion. Use scented candles and other romantic lighting, paint your walls, and arrange your furniture in a way that invites romance.
  10. Join A Couples' Club or Start One of Your Own
    • You can choose clubs with books on a large variety of topics or you can join genre specific clubs. Find other clubs through book stores or forums that can recommend books. You'll have so much fun journeying through the pages together and comparing your thoughts on each book. You may also be able to connect with other couples that have joined the same club. Or start one of your own club joining your frinds. Bet you'll have much fun and time to spend together and of couse a Relief when you are down.
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