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Stirring The Senses
  • Sex is more than just intercourse, and foreplay is more than just touching. Although most couples don't realize it, you can take your sensual relationship to new heights just by taking the time to stimulate all of your partner's senses. On your next encounter see how many of your partner's senses you can arouse. You may be surprised at the sensual god or goddess you can be when approaching your sensual relationships in this way. You can give your creativity a jump-start with the following sense stimulating ideas!
    • Taste
  • You can truly be creative with this sense. Stirring this sense should be approached with the desire to give them a taste of something they crave, but without fully satisfying their hunger until you're ready to. You can use a variety of stimulants to enhance this sense such as: edible lotions, chocolate body paint, strawberries and whipped cream, your skin or an aphrodisiac.
    • Touch
  • Touch is about feeling intimate, comfortable and sexual. Imagine the soft caress of a satin sheet or feather light hand sweeping across your skin. These sensations stir a desire for closeness. To stimulate this sense try using silky sheets, a fuzzy rug, a slick surface, a cold surface, your skin, a feather or different ways of touching their skin with your fingers. Not every touch sensation has to be soft. Experiment with different types of surfaces such as a shower wall or a table.
    • Sight
  • Many people are visibly stimulated. This can certainly account for the large numbers of adult movies and magazines. Make this sensation work for you by adding candlelight or erotic art to your bedroom. Sight doesn't always have to be a sensual ambiance. Many different things can stimulate the visual sense. A scattering of sensual toys on the bed, an erotic love scene on the television or a sexy dance or attire by yourself can all play havoc on the sense of sight.
    • Smell
  • One of the most common aphrodisiacs is cologne. Be certain to drive your partner crazy by only wearing a certain type of cologne or perfume when you make love. Every time they smell the scent in the future they will associate it with making love to you. You can also use scented candles, scented massage oils or incense to create an atmosphere of sensual aura.
    • Hearing
  • Sound is truly the sexiest sense of them all. Sensual sound can be created simply by your voice. Tell your partner how much you enjoy being with them. Talk about what you want, or what you are going to do. Read sensual poetry or stories aloud to your partner. You can also stimulate this sense with your favorite mood music.
    • Their Mind
  • While the mind is not one of the traditional five senses, you would not want to leave it out. A sensual heightened mind is one of the best senses you can stimulate. The best ways to sensually stimulate the mind is through anticipation and imagination. Get them aroused before they even show up with a very sexy invitation, or let their imagination get the best of them with a blindfold.
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