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Saying I Love you, Perception of Love
  • Does your partner have trouble saying I love you? Many men have trouble with the whole concept. The interesting thing about this, however, is that different types of men see love in different ways. A woman has to listen to not only what a man says (or doesnít say) but what kind of man is saying it.
  • For most men, saying the three special words ďI Love YouĒ is like baring their entire souls. They feel that they are giving power to the woman and men hate to have their power taken. To men, power, especially external power, is their survival mechanism. This is, undoubtedly, a primitive instinct in men, coming from thousands of years of being in a hunter/gatherer role.
  • There is a sense of permanency in a man, as well. When they say, I love you, they mean it for life. This is part of a manís view of the world. Men see the world as a place to build strong foundations for them and a family. That provider instinct makes them want to commit only if it seems permanent to them. And, that is a big leap of trust. In fact, though we hear that women have trust issues after being hurt a lot by men, men actually have very deep-rooted trust issues. In our world built on male competition, the idea of trusting any creature is somewhat foreign to a manís nature. Thus, saying I Love You and exposing their vulnerability is something that most men will find extremely hard to do.
  • Another interesting characteristic of men is that, though many canít and donít say, I Love You; they think that their partner understands that fact. They believe that love should just be known. Women, on the other hand, need to be reassured. This creates an interesting dynamic between men and women. Men have trouble expressing love and feel that it is understood, even when not vocalized. Women need to be reassured, not just by actions but by words.
  • So, if women are dating men or dealing with their husbands, they should understand that they have communication issues with love. Try to be more understanding of the psychology of men and encourage the man in your life to try to express his love, verbally and otherwise. This can help you get what you need from your marriage or relationship. And, if you are dating, ladies, use this knowledge to help find the kind of man who can really love you.
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