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Rules of Love Affairs
  1. Do NOT become involved with another person if you are currently committed to someone else.
  2. Donít bend the situation to justify your actions. If the person you are with expects you to be with only them, then do that.
  3. Devotion plays the main role in a love affair.
  4. Always try to consider (in the good way) what they are asking to do.
  5. If the person you are with expects you to be with only them, then do that.
If you become interested in someone else:
  1. Cease all contact with them until you have resolved the problems with your current relationship.
  2. Find out why your interest towards your current partner has waned.
    • a. Are you spending enough time with each other?
    • b. Are you looking for an escape or a start over type relationship because of too much bad history?
    • c. Has an outside interest allowed you to think less of your partner?
  3. Decide whether this is repairable.
    • a. Have you talked about your problems?
    • b. Can you find a solution through an outside source?
  4. If repairable, do what is necessary to properly fix your current problems and take measures to avoid them from happening again.
  5. If not, repairable, leave your current relationship.
    • a. Do not see the person you were interested in for at least 30 days after you are on your own again.
    • b. If you still feel you may be truly interested in starting a relationship with this person make sure you take things slowly and that you have truly discovered what factors contributed to the demise of your previous relationships. You donít need to keep making the same mistakes repetitively.
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