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For Married Couples:
Love notes.
  • Take a second to write a quick, "I love you" on a post it, on the mirror, or in an email. Everyone has enough time to write those three little words that mean so much.
  • Take a minute to grab a hold of your lover and massage them. Grab a foot while they are working on the notes for their early morning presentation. Rub their shoulders for a minute while they are doing the dishes. Hold off lying your head down for a few so that you can massage your lover.
  • Expensive gifts, cheap gifts, homemade gifts, or treasured heirlooms; simple gifts, extravagant gifts, sexy gifts, or silly gifts, everyone loves to receive gifts. Gift giving is a timeless way to romance your love. Every time they see the gift you gave, they will be reminded of the day you gave it to them. Bring a gift home to your love, have it delivered to their work, or stop by in the middle of the day and bring it to them.
Plan an "Us Day" or weekend
  • Set a date and go for it. Go how ever far away you need to leave your worries behind and have some fun. Plan it together so that you both get what you need and want from your time together away from your stressors.
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