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  • The Art of Silent Communication
  • Itís amazing how much we can tell about someone without even talking to him or her. Imagine if you were to watch one of those old black and white movies before they had sound, even without the sub-titles you knew what was going on. Non-verbal communication is an extremely strong and powerful way to communicate and if you can learn to pick up the signals then your communication and interpersonal skills in this area are going to be very valuable, not only with your romantic relationship but in all areas of your life.
  • Mastering Non-Verbal Chat
  • Flirtation techniques start with non-verbal communication and the whole flirting sequence can consist totally of non-verbal communication. You can let someone know that youíre interested in them by using certain moves and looks. If you put them in a sequence, itís extremely powerful. Itís surprising the amount of chatting we can do without opening our mouth. Even a man from Mars will understand the subtleties of non-verbal chat.
  • First Impressions
  • First impressions count. These first thoughts when you meet someone are lasting and have a strong bearing on what they think of you. When youíre checking someone out, you quickly look them over and you say yea or nay in almost an instant. Often, we donít get another chance to put our best foot forward as the first impression can mean so much. Thatís why itís important to make that extra effort when you know youíre going to meet someone who could end up being that special person in your life.
  • Develop Your Personal Style
  • Your personal presentation says a lot about who you are. What you wear is such a strong visual form of communication that it displays a message about who you are. Do you dress formally, casual, neat casual or business casual? Do you wear flat shows for comfort or high heels for fashion and style? Are you wearing the latest season colour, do you wear bright, sombre or earthy colours? What about your hairstyle, is it glamorous, neat, or businesslike? Is your make-up natural, non-existent or glamorised? All of these areas and signs will indicate the type of person you are. Make sure youíre projecting the image you want others to see. Have a good look at your self-image and make changes that show you for the person you are and want to be.
  • What Does Your Face Say
  • The expressions you use are a total give away as to how youíre feeling. Are you raising your eyebrows and questioning what someone is saying. Are you smiling indicating that youíre happy, or do you have a sad or angry look on your face? Or, do you have an inquisitive or inviting smile. What about your eyes, are they in a direct stare at someone and looking intense or glassed over indicting youíre deep in thought. Perhaps they are twinkling and have a magical character trait about them. There are many expressions, which will let others know how you are feeling, practice in front of the mirror and perfect them..
  • Tell Tale Body Signs
  • Body language is another area on non-verbal communication. Watch when you next meet someone for the first time and see what you can pick up. How are they standing? Do they have a straight confident or perhaps even defiant stand? Are they more easy-going and leaning next to a wall, or are they just casually comfortable. What about their hands and arms? Are they crossed or more open near their side. Is their head on the side or straight up? Do they look flexible or inflexible? Are their shoulders slumped over, which can mean that they are cold or perhaps self-conscious? What can you tell about the way they handle their body. There are lots of books written on body language but if you think about it and put it to the test youíll be surprised at what you can pick up by just automatically knowing what it means.
  • Are You a Touchy Feely Person
  • Touchy feely people love to be touched and people that are more private prefer not to be touched. Which one are you or are you both? If you are a touchy tactile person, itís important to be aware that not everyone feels like this and it can be an intrusion on their personal space. They can take offence to you touching them, even if itís only a light touch on their arm. The other area to take into account is personal space. How far you stand from someone can be the difference of feeling comfortable or not. A good indication of this is watch if the person you are talking to is constantly moving back, then you edge forward and they move back again and before you know it, you have moved across the room. Whatís happening here is you are invading their personal space, you are far too close to them and they donít feel comfortable in your presence. Back off and it will be a far more pleasant interaction for both people.
  • More Than Words
  • You can see that there is a whole lot of communication going on without you even opening your mouth. In-fact when you meet someone they have already made an opinion of you before youíre introduced. This is a good reason to be more aware of what signals you are giving to others and to make sure you are giving the right signals, the ones you want to portray. Otherwise, you might be misunderstood and not even know it. Happy Communicating!
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