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  • Make time to give them a much deserved thank you or good job!

    Everyone needs a pat on the back every once in a while. You're partner is no exception. In fact, you may be doing more than you know. Knowing you have the complete support and belief from your partner can give a person the courage and self-confidence to try new things, work harder at reaching a goal and more. So, the next time you have the opportunity to say something nice, do it! Below are a few ideas of incorporating praise into your relationship.

    Send a thank you note when your partner has done something extra-special for you.

    Make a point to give thank you kisses for all the little things they may have done for you.

    Tell your partner when you appreciate something they've done.

    Don't let the little things go unnoticed. If they take over a chore, help out with work or do something special; make sure you thank them.

    When your partner has done something very well, make sure to make a big deal out of it. Take them out to dinner, share a couple's toast or write them a note saying how proud you are of them.

    Let them catch you bragging about them to a friend or family member about an accomplishment they have achieved.

    Be supportive about something they want to try. Praise for abilities they may not have tested yet could make all the difference in their success.

    A few kind words can go a long way to improving the quality of your relationship. How one person acts can easily set the tone for the other person's behavior. By taking the time out to appreciate your partner, they will find it easier to take the time out to appreciate you too!

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