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    When you first fall in love, a good portion of the "get to know you" phase is spent together talking about your future and your goals and dreams. When you're in the love "bubble," everything seems possible and the opportunities appear endless. As you develop into a longer-term relationship, however, sometimes the wishful thinking loses it's spark. Recapture that feeling of "anything is possible" with a fun date night activity that taps into each of your creative abilities and imaginations. This date night can be done in one night as a fun "what-if" scenario, or you can give it real consideration and turn it into a couples' hobby-type project.

    What you'll need:
    Graph paper and pencils for drawing out your home
    A few "Dream Home" style magazines for inspiration
    A computer with internet access to make use of the tools listed below
    Poster board, scissors, and a glue stick.

    The Activity: Dream Home Collage
    Cement the image of your dream home as a real possibility by creating a collage board. All dreams have their start with a little inspiration. By using your magazines and the websites listed below you should find the perfect inspiration to begin crafting your dream dwelling. To create the actual collage, settle on a final floor plan and attach it to the middle of your posterboard. Give your collage board a title and write it across the top. Then attach any pictures that are part of your dream home inspiration. For instance, a picture of a home with the front garden you want or a picture of a piece of furniture that you have to have. When you're done, put it up somewhere you can both see it and make changes as desired.

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