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Are you competitive?
Then this is the perfect game for you! Using the
Love Tip Jar, you can have some fun competing for
the win while also realizing the love and
appreciation you have for each other.
This is a game that can be played once, a few
times, or as an ongoing way to show your love for
each other. This unique idea is to amplify
awareness of each other's good deeds, support,
appreciation, and gratitude while also having fun.
The outcome is increased intimacy, trust, and
respect for each other.
How to Play
  1. Designate one jar as your tip jar and another for your partner.

  2. Each time your love does something that you appreciate tip them with coins, chocolate kisses, M&M's, or anything else small enough to fill the jars.

  3. Choose an end date to Round 1 of your competition. You can choose to keep score for a week or a month at a time. Another idea would be to choose special dates like holidays coming up such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  4. At the end of each round, whoever has the most tips gets treated to a romantic evening. Depending on the your preferences, you could agree that the winner plans the evening or that the winner gets surprised with the plans.

  5. Take your winnings and losses as your drive to improve your game for Round 2. Try and outdo your love by telling them how much you love them, leaving love notes for them, massaging their shoulders, being helpful around the house, doing things they've been asking you to do for forever, or anything else that will win you "tips."

Don't skimp on tipping your partner otherwise this game could backlash and the opposite effect will be achieved.
Tip your partner every time you see something that makes you feel lucky to be with that person, every time you watch them do something that makes your heart melt, and every time they do something that shows the pieces of their character that you value so much in them. Tip whenever they do something that make you feel good.
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