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    Ever wondered if there was a better way to be kissing?
    Well try our tips and guidelines and your love will surely notice the difference!

    The first thing to do when kissing is RELAX. Think about nothing at all but the kiss you're giving. Better yet, just don't think. Start with lips either just slightly parted or closed. No tongue! Relax your lips, but don't let them mush up. Allow yourself to feel like you are completely confident in what you are doing. It makes the world of difference! Kiss like there was nothing you would like to do than be right there with your love kissing them.

    Another pointer a lot of people forget is the usage of your hands. Use them in non-erotic zones, like the back, the shoulders, and the arms. Another great place is the back of the neck with a light massage to the head. Make it romantic. Kissing is one of the most romantic things you can do. Try not to make it always sexual. Pretend it's the first time you've ever kissed this person.

    Try something different:

    • Keep your eyes open.
    • Kiss your partner's face in places other than the lips. (Light kisses across the forehead are perfect.
    • Add variety. Give small kisses in between the big ones.
    • Always end a kiss with a small soft ending kiss.

    A Time to Kiss
    There is always time for a kiss but some places can be more fun and romantic. Below is a list of a few great places and occasions to kiss or be kissed!

    • When you first see your love.
    • Always... when your love is leaving somewhere.
    • At a stoplight.
    • On the beach at sunset or sunrise.
    • In the morning.
    • Last thing before you go to bed!
    • In the movies. :)
    • In the shower!
    • When you are just about to go somewhere.
    • By moonlight.
    • By candlelight :)
    • At a wedding.
    • On vacation.
    • As a surprise.

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