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How to Appreciate Yourself More!
  • Women, by nature, know how to nurture. We hug our broken-hearted girlfriends, kiss the boo-boos from our babies’ knees, rub the shoulders of our stressed-out husbands or significant others, and give, give, give of our time and energy to help and hold those whom we love. But, we don’t always seem to find the time to nurture ourselves. It may be hard to take time out to love yourself, but the truth is giving to yourself, means you have all the more to give to others.
    Here are a couple of ways you can shower yourself with much-needed love.

  • Take a time-out: If it’s good enough for our kids, it’s good enough for us. Only rest assured, you’re not in trouble. If you haven’t tried it – the time-out can be a priceless and inexpensive (depending on your budget) way of giving to yourself. Schedule a regular outing for yourself, whether it’s for a massage, a mani-pedi, or an afternoon to explore your local bookstore. If you’re looking for more than an afternoon, consider taking a weekend trip to a place you’ve never been or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. The time away will do wonders.

  • Cultivate your creative side: Explore the things that feed your creativity. This may be as simple as a visit to an art museum or perhaps a trip to one of those “paint your own pottery” places. Or it could mean taking a class or workshop. If you want to make something, consider pottery, drawing or painting. If you love music, why not take a piano class or guitar lessons. If you have children, you have a plenty of opportunities in your own home, with coloring books, clay or Model Magic®, finger paints and scrapbooks. If you love the outdoors, why not create a place in your own backyard. Plant flowers that you enjoy, and add a water fountain and a table and chair. Make space where you can go whenever you need a little self-love.

  • Say thank you: How often do we shrug off the compliments that others bestow upon us? These are little gifts that we don’t let ourselves receive when we brush them off. Not only are we denying the giver the joy of saying something nice and having it well-received, we’re denying ourselves the opportunity to appreciate the kindness and to consider what it means. Our significant others tell us we look nice; a manager compliments us on a project well-done; a coordinator calls us out to thank us for our volunteer work and we forget to say thank you. Instead we brush it off with comments like “oh, it’s nothing” or “so-and-so did most of it” or “no I don’t, I just gained a pound”. Instead of side-stepping the compliment, accept it with a gracious thank you. You will feel better and so will the person who took the time to notice your achievement; however, small you may think it is.

  • Take a smoke break: But, it’s not to smoke. Use those 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day to clear your mind. Perhaps it means staring out the window in between chores or taking a quick walk around the block. So often we force ourselves to keep going, even as our minds wander off and our bodies become fatigued. It’s our body and our mind’s way of saying we need a break. So take it. If you were a smoker (and maybe you are), you wouldn’t miss that time. You would stop whatever you’re doing to go outside and take deep breaths and quiet your mind. Give yourself a little love every day with little breaks like that. When someone asks where you’re going, you can tell them you’re taking a breather.
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