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How Do You Recognize True Love?
  • Are you looking for true love? The search may seem eternal as one relationship starts and another ends and you find yourself wondering if true love even exists. There are so many types of people in this world with so many different interests, values and mannerisms. It is not easy to find that special, one person who you are meant to be with. You look and look and still you canít find true love. Maybe you are not looking in the right places. Perhaps you should evaluate the method of your search to see if you are looking in the wrong places for the love of your life.
  • Often people try too hard to find the right person and in doing this they miss noticing whom the right person is, even when they are in front of them. Sometimes it is necessary to simply be yourself and go about your business. It seems that only when we stop looking, do we often find what we are looking for. There is something about being in a state of search, which tends to distract a person from what really is. By being yourself and by doing things that make you happy as an individual, you shine with a luring charisma, which attracts your true love to you without looking for them. This is a sort of effortless and magical experience when it happens to you.
  • So, suddenly while radiating in your own sense of self and sense of personal peace and happiness, you and your true loveís paths cross. Even at this moment, it may not be obvious right away that the love of your life is in your midst. After a short time some very interesting things start to happen in a natural yet powerful way. You find yourself lost in time and space while in the presence of your true love. It almost seems like you mutually are sharing in a dreamlike state of blissful peace that you have never known before, combined with a magnetic attraction to be together. When together, time disappears and days seem like moments, yet those moments are so enhanced with life and meaning. Still at this point, you may not see that true love has embraced you. All you know is that you want to be with this person and their company nurtures you in so many ways.
  • You both continue to share long conversations; hours go by like minutes as you soon discover that you are in the presence of your other half. The search is over and you finally realize that you have found true love. You fall in love with their mind first and this just enhances the good friendship that you have shared for so long. Finally your hands touch and you feel a passion and closeness deeper that can be expressed in words. In the silence, you know deep in your heart you have found your true love and it does exist but only for the right two people. The magic of true love is deeper than the ocean and has an undefined beginning and never ends.
  • Feel peace in knowing that if you have not yet found your true love that soon you should expect to, as there is someone out there for all of us. Just be yourself with all your heart, follow your personal passions and interests and your true love will suddenly appear in your life in a very beautiful way. Keep in mind that your true love may not be someone new, but rather someone who was there all along whose company suddenly touches your heart and soul in a way that nothing else has. True love is a blessing in which we are all meant to discover when the time and the person are right.
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