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Gift Ideas for Distance Love
  1. Framed pictures of yourself, or the both of you together.
  2. Book of self-written love poems
  3. Journal of all e-mail transcripts in chronological order.
  4. Home-baked goodies!
  5. Digital picture frame with rotating pictures.
  6. Teddy bear with a personal voice message from you.
  7. Personalized CD
  8. Web Cam
  9. Digital or Polaroid camera for instant pictures!
  10. Blank journal to write in on lonely nights.
  11. Engraved locket.
  12. Album of your life story. Include information about your childhood, school life, pictures of your favorite places, etc.
  13. Photo or secret message puzzle.
  14. Prepaid long distance phone cards.
  15. Fill in a self-help type journal and send it to your partner so they can learn more about the real you. Include a blank one so they can do the same.
  16. Love letters self-recorded onto a CD or tape.
  17. Scrapbook of your time spent together.
  18. Personalized calendar with uplifting quotes and special days just for the two of you.
  19. 101 reasons why you can't wait to see them again.
  20. 101 things you wish you could do together.
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