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Gift Ideas for Her
Surprise her with something unexpected...something she actually wants! Here are few of the creative ideas!
  1. Flowers delivered to her work.
  2. Personally written love poem rolled up and held together by a ring.
  3. A key to his heart.
  4. Ring with your names and a special date engraved inside.
  5. Locket with our or his picture in it.
  6. A gift that reflects an personal interest, so she'll know you understand and listen to her.
  7. Anything handmade.
  8. A puppy named "Kisses".
  9. A new wedding band.
  10. A picture of you.
  11. Quality time "alone" together.
  12. Tickets to a vacation or cruise.
  13. A personally written love song.
  14. A week of massages.
  15. A symbol of your love.
  16. A piece of clothing to remind her of you when you're away
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