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Date Ideas for Your Girlfriend [02]
  1. Watch the sunset
  2. Bake cookies together
  3. Make ice cream
  4. Go for a sunset walk
  5. Cook dinner for each other
  6. Go grocery shopping
  7. Build ice cream sundaes
  8. Color in coloring books
  9. Go to an arcade
  10. Park and star watch
  11. Visit a pet store
  12. Go to the beach
  13. Visit favorite childhood places
  14. Visit a city park
  15. Walk your dog
  16. Watch TV together
  17. Decorate a Christmas tree
  18. Go shell searching on the beach
  19. Visit an orchard
  20. Go to a wedding together
  21. Volunteer together
  22. Go window shopping
  23. Read tabloids & laugh together
  24. Thumb wrestle
  25. Go out for coffee
  26. Go to an all you can eat buffet
  27. Listen to music
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