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A Daily Compliment..
  • A compliment is a beautiful thing. It has the ability to make us shine from the inside. In addition to letting us know we're on the right track with something, it also communicates that someone noticed. This can be a powerful validation, especially when given by our partner.
  • This week you'll use this tool to increase the communication and rapport with your partner. Each day you'll find ways to take a few minutes to notice what your partner is doing right and let them know.
Daily Task:
  • Look for one thing each day that your partner has done or handled well. Make sure to make a comment on it.
  • For example, "I noticed how well our son works with you doing his homework. Nice job!" or "You really do a great job helping with the outside chores. I really appreciate the extra effort you give."
Weekly Tasks:
  • Take note of a few routine cycles your partner does throughout the week. Leave a note where they would usually do the task telling them how well they do it.
  • Each day make some comment on their appearance or how you feel about them. For example, "You look great today." "That cologne smells wonderful." "You're sexy!"
  • If you have time, write them a letter or a note inside of a card sharing the things you appreciate and feel lucky for. Mail it or leave it in a spot they will find and can read privately.
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