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Communication is key to long distance relationships
  • Long distance relationships aren't always easy, but they can work.
  • It is easier to connect to people we care about today, than it was about 20 or 30 years ago.Cell phones, e-mail, instant messaging and even Web cameras have made it easier to connect and allow us to see each other through our computer screens.
  • People may have different ideas of whether or not it is better for a couple to end a relationship and date other people while they're apart.
  • Sometimes, one or both partners will get their hearts broken because of something the other person did or didn't do while they were apart.
  • To avoid the chance of hurting one another, couples should talk about how tight they want their relationship to be before they separate. If they have opposite views about it, they need to communicate, be respectful of each person's feelings and reach an agreement.
  • Reaching an agreement about how tight the relationship will be when your lover is back a smoother experience and reduce the risk of disappointment.
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