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A Time for Fun
  • We all know the saying, "All work and no play…" However, how often do you actually apply it to your relationship? This week, our love task will help you make strides towards changing this.
  • No matter what you're doing, if you don't take breaks to just getaway and get a fresh perspective, things are going to get tedious. This doesn't mean you actually need to "get away." It just means you both need to find something you can do to take a mental break from your daily lives. This is especially important when either of you are going through something stressful like a job change, new baby, in-laws visiting or even just the holidays. Taking time out just for fun establishes your relationship as the priority over all these outside factors.
  • To add some fun to your relationship, start by trying these ideas…
  • Plan a game night or some other fun activity you both enjoy doing such as a puzzle or even just window shopping. Make it a set weekly activity.
  • Keep a calendar of weekly or monthly events occuring in or near your area. Plan to attend at least one a month you both enjoy.
  • Research available classes in your area and once a month take one together. You can find some pretty interesting classes such as face painting, balloon making, and improv classes, if you look. The best thing about these types of classes is that they usually only require one night's attendance.
  • Arrange for your partner to go do something they enjoy the most; even it means they do it without you. Do they really feel refreshed after a guy's night out? Make sure they take one at least once a month to reconnect with their friends. Maybe they need a little shopping spree to feel better about things. If money's tight, you can still go to a dollar store, swap meet, thrift store or a garage sale.
  • Once a week leave a humorous card or note for your partner to find, especially if they are going through a difficult or stressful time. Or, send a funny eCard instead!
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