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8 Steps to Becoming a Supportive Partner
  • Being a supportive partner is one of the quickest ways to strengthen your relationship and build mutual respect for each other. Not only do you want to be each otherís lover, you also want to be best friends and confidants. Follow the tips below to truly show your partner that you are on their team every day, through thick and thin, and that you cherish them for who they are and the life you are building together.
Get To Know Them Better
  • You're always changing, and so is your partner, so take the time to travel their journey with them. Be a sponge like when you first met your love, listening and taking in all they have to say. Let each new thing you learn about your partner add that much more definition and beauty to their ever growing portrait in your heart.
Encourage Their Personal Interests
  • You were both individuals who chose to join your lives, but itís healthy for each of you to maintain your own interests, no matter how much fun you have together. Encourage your partner to rekindle friendships, spend time with their family members, stay involved in hobbies, and pursue their own goals, both small and large.
Take Care Of Them When They Are Tired, Hurt, or Sick
  • Everybody loves to be pampered when they arenít feeling well. Support their recovery by going above and beyond what's necessary to comfort them. Simply knowing that they can count on you to be there for them in their time of need will elevate your relationship to a new level of love and stability.
Touch Them
  • One of the most intimate ways to bond with your partner is through physical contact. Every time you touch your partner in a loving or re-assuring way, it not only builds trust between you, it also communicates the love you feel for each other. While making love, kissing and holding hands are the most common ways of expressing your love through physical contact, there are other ways that could be equally rewarding. A fun exercise would be to create different messages based around touch. For example, if you touch them on their forearm in public it could mean, ďI love you,í or massaging the palm of their hand with your thumb could mean, ďI want youĒ.
Create A Common Goal
  • Working on a project or goal in collaboration with your partner is not only exciting, but can be incredibly fulfilling. There arenít many better ways to get to know your partner than working towards to a common goal with them. When doing this, make sure you listen to your partnerís point of view and treat them as an equal in the project. Make the effort to see your partnerís skills and strengths and watch your mutual respect for each other reach new heights.
Massage Their Ego
  • Show your partner that they are truly number one by taking every opportunity you can to boost their ego. Openly brag about their good qualities to your friends and family, while limiting your complaints as much as possible. If you do feel the need to criticize them, have a respectful conversation in private when the time is right.
Show Public Unity
  • Make every effort possible to avoid correcting them while in the company of others. Sometimes this means biting your tongue and respecting his methods when you donít agree with them, but the payoff is worth it. Soon enough, you will get the same respect from him and your mutual support will bring you closer together.
Compromise When They Need You To
  • Compromise is character building because you have to put yourself in someone elseí shoes. Donít be so competitive that you push your will on your partner just so that you win. If the issue or choice doesnít matter to you as much as it matters to your partner, bend their way.
  • Make sure that you donít take support to an unhealthy extreme and turn yourself into a doormat. If your man doesnít recognize how supportive you are and return the effort, there are other issues at hand. The idea behind becoming the most supportive partner you can be is that both of you work to support each other, and in doing so, take your relationship to a new level of respect and understanding.
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